The company

Dental-Gold is a company that originated in the dental industry. Our employees have years of experience in the dental industry and associated technical aspects, and therefore proved to be highly qualified and reliable conversational partners in the matter. Dental-Gold works with the largest dental businesses in the world and guarantees honest, trustworthy and professional  treatment of your dental gold.   We aim to produce all of our dental alloys entirely from recyclable precious metals. Your dental gold will be used for this purpose after the refinery processing.

Vision, Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle. With our business philosophy, the industry is challenged to produce intelligent products and recycle “waste” in its original form.  In regards to our vision, “cradle to cradle” means “crown to crown.” We have developed this approach because when we continue to mine gold, we continue to destroy vast regions on our planet. One must consider the resultant deforestation and serious chemical contamination that mining causes. We want to do our part and  be as environmentally friendly as possible in the products we offer.  We want to take on this challenge with you together.


Our refining company is part of the world’s largest dental consortium.

Our extremely reliable refining process is the logical result of years of experience which includes accurate analysis.  Our analysis takes longer but guarantees a high degree of precision.  For us, only the best will do!

When you choose for Dental-Gold you do not just choose for high-tech analysis techniques, but also for highly skilled employees.