Melting into a bar

In order to analyse a given sample of dental gold, we melt the different elements into a homogeneous bar. We do this in a vacuum induction oven, so that optimum purity is ensured. Dirt and waste are removed with the introduction of a fluxing agent. The residue of this melting, called “slag,” (metal sponge),  is retained by us for three months. We do this in case we decide to ask another technician to analyse the material, if there is any uncertainty.

Spectro / Analysis

From each bar, samples are extracted and melted. These samples are examined and tested in the laboratory.  We determine the precise amounts of precious metals in the alloy bar by means of extensive laboratory analysis, including spectrophotometric measurements.  These metals are usually platinum (Pt), rhodium (Rh), gold (Au), silver (Ag), palladium (Pd) and iridium (Ir).

Report of composition

We will also send you a compositional analysis of the material via e-mail. In this report the following matters are included: the net weight of the bar and the amounts of precious metals (total and specified).

The exact values of the precious metals are specified and transparently indicated on your final invoice.