Incognito Users

Dental Gold is offering an exclusive worldwide shipping package for refining Incognito brackets to certified users of the 3M Unitek Incognito Appliance System. Dental Gold refining can give you a reduction of up to 10 to 15% on retail purchase price. When you choose to refine your used brackets with Dental Gold, you will receive the exact residual value of the precious metals. In addition to the gold found, we will pay for the other precious metals in the Incognito brackets such as Platinum, Iridium and Silver.

Incognito Process

After refining, you will receive your Incognito waste analysis report and a final statement, containing an analysis of the Incognito waste and an exact valuation. The value of the precious metals found in your waste is determined on the basis of the average exchange rate of the precious metals over a period of 30 days. The amount will be credited to your account within 7 days of receiving your final statement.

Incognito Postal Service

Our global logistics system is secure and easy to use. After registration you will receive our free shipping package. You use this package for your shipment to Dental Gold and then receive an analysis and your final bill within a few weeks. The package sent by us is suitable for sending multiple sets. You can request our free shipping package via the contact form. You can also ask any questions via the contact form. Our Incognito specialist, orthodontist and user of the Incognito system will then contact you.