Determination of volume

In contrast with ‘scrap gold’ derived from old jewellery, it is difficult to determine the exact content of dental gold. In many cases the filling is contaminated with tissue or porcelain. The less contamination there is, the more accurate our estimate of the portion of dental gold. Due to the nature of dental waste material, it is impossible to give a precise valuation based only on weight. There are two reasons for this.


Initial measurement

The valuation and processing of dental gold is our specialty. We make individual arrangements with you regarding your receipt of our payments. Usually, a standard amount is paid gross per gram of dental gold. This is just an advance and not your total payment. We call this ‘money for your trust!’

Advance payment

The advance payment is determined by a mutually agreed value for the gross materials.  You receive an immediate advance on your dental gold. The advance is settled when the invoice is complete. Your advance, as well as the agreed price, is indicated on your invoice.