Dr. Adjan van Bergeijk

"To my surprise, the advance offered was almost equal to the highest offer of the local buyer!"

Over the years, I collected some extracted teeth, crowns and bridges. I had exchanged these with a local buyer previously. As the prices of gold and precious metals had risen dramatically in recent years, I was curious to know the exact value of the material.

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Dr. R.C. Baerends (Rutger)

"Inside the practice there were a few sceptics, and employees were wondering if this ‘real deal’ really was better than the offer of our standard buyer."

As the owner of several dental practices, hardly a week goes by without a receptionist in one of the practices telling me that a person visited, equipped with scales and an offer to buy dental waste. Our receptionists have seen a variety of original sales tactics by now, everything from cake for all the employees to amusement park tickets.

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