Dr. R.C.
Baerends (Rutger)

"Inside the practice there were a few sceptics, and employees were wondering if this ‘real deal’ really was better than the offer of our standard buyer."

As the owner of several dental practices, hardly a week goes by without a receptionist in one of the practices telling me that a person visited, equipped with scales and an offer to buy dental waste. Our receptionists have seen a variety of original sales tactics by now, everything from cake for all the employees to amusement park tickets. We always sold our “waste” to one particular vendor. She was a kind and humorous lady and the staff were always excited “when she came back with her 500 Euros in cash.” They used it for a staff outing or went to a symposium. Whilst I was always curious about the exchange she made, it was never a “big deal.” I had four practices to run and was busy enough as it was. Through the years I saw gold prices rise and because buyers were visiting the practices more and more frequently, I realised that our “waste” probably had considerable value. It would explain why so many buyers were eager to buy it.

During a dinner with colleagues, I asked about their experiences. One of them pointed me to Dental Gold. "Give them a try. I think you will be delighted". I said I had never heard of them or seen anything in the professional literature. He then asked me whether I preferred a ‘glossy advertising brochure ‘ or an accurate valuation?

The following day, I visited the Dental Gold website of and looked at their procedures and profile. Their extensive and transparent analysis and years of experience in the dental gold industry strengthened my trust.

I collected the “waste” from the practices and contacted a dental gold specialist, who worked for Dental-Gold, for an appointment.

Inside the practices there were a few sceptics and employees asked whether the “real deal”  really was better than the offer of our standard buyer.  they also asked if the longer waiting period for the money was worth the effort. I left them with the understanding that any difference in value would be covered by me. My colleagues said they expected a return between 500 and 750 Euros.

To cut a long story short, within a month I received a final invoice for 1,500 Euros from Dental-Gold for each practice! Needless to say, the staff no longer mind waiting for the money because it is worth the wait.