Dr. Adjan van

"To my surprise, the advance offered was almost equal to the highest offer of the local buyer!"

Over the years, I collected some extracted teeth, crowns and bridges. I had exchanged these with a local buyer previously. As the prices of gold and precious metals had risen dramatically in recent years, I was curious to know the exact value of the material.

Firstly, I asked my local buyer to come and see me. He visited me shortly after that and offered me 750 Euros. I looked at him sceptically and he immediately raised his offer to 1,000 Euros. Although his offer was tempting, I did not accept it and continued to look further into the vague market of gold buyers. It did not matter which buyer I invited to visit, they all arrived shortly after my invitation and their offers differed enormously. Still, I did not know the exact value.

Taking the advice of a colleague who had recently done business with Dental Gold, I initiated contact with their Spanish expert. He informed me about “dental waste” and told me that it is impossible to give a standard price for this type of gold, because the quality of the alloys and waste, roots and such, varies greatly. Afterwards he gave me more information about Dental Gold and their working practices, he offered me an advance. He said, "Money for your trust in us." The advance that he offered was, to my surprise, almost the same amount as the highest offer from my local buyers!

This “advance” and the transparency of its processes and services helped me decide to give the refinery business a try. We completed the form together and the Dental Gold employee departed. Four weeks later I received my detailed, final invoice, which not only indicated the value of the gold, but also that of the other precious metals that were found. In total, I received 5250 Euros, almost five times as much as the highest offer of the local buyers! For future exchange of dental gold, I knew that Dental Gold would provide me with security and the highest return.